S-expression Languages

S-expressions are consistent, pleasant little creatures. I think they're underrated.

I mostly see them in Lisp family languages, but was curious: are there non-Lisps that use S-expression syntax?

Here are some that seemed mature, interesting, or active.

Name Semantics Execution Strategy Types Repository Started Updated Age
Axel Haskell native code or interpreted, via Haskell static git 11 Aug 2017 27 Dec 2022 5.4 yr
Cakelisp C native code, via C++ compiler static git 23 Aug 2020 6 Dec 2022 2.3 yr
C-mera C native code, via C compiler static git 23 Jun 2015 26 Aug 2022 7.2 yr
eslisp JavaScript interpreted, via JS dynamic git 21 Nov 2014 1 Nov 2020 6.0 yr
Fennel Lua interpreted, via Lua dynamic git 7 Aug 2016 12 Dec 2022 6.4 yr
LFE: Lisp Flavored Erlang Erlang interpreted, via BEAM dynamic git 23 Aug 2008 11 Dec 2022 14.3 yr
Myntax OCaml native code or interpreted, via OCaml static git 15 Sep 2016 26 Jan 2019 2.4 yr
Slick Go native code, via Go compiler static git 27 Jan 2021 21 May 2021 0.3 yr

A ☠ means that the most recent commit, when I wrote this, was more than 12 months in the past.

I omitted Clojure and Hy since they consider themselves to be Lisps. They're included in awesome Lisp languages.

If I'm missing an interesting S-expression language, let me know at m.sexp@ndrix.org